10 August, 2006

Prints Now - V & A L0nd0n

Prints Now: Directions & Definitions

24 May to 26 November 2006
Room 88a and the Julie and Robert Breckman Prints & Drawings Gallery, Room 90

All these innovations prompt the question: what is a print? The term now encompasses everything from the stencilled guerrilla graphics of graffiti artists such as Banksy, to museum-sponsored billboards, appropriated or found material which is then modified, a cake iced with a laser-jet printed image, printed MDF floors, wallpapers and soft furnishings designed for installations. In recent years printmaking has co-opted painting and sculpture, dress and domestic furnishings, commerce and cyberspace. Dynamic and democratic, the world of printmaking now includes the billboard and the badge, the masterpiece and the multiple, the priceless and the give-away. Prints are a vital and vibrant link between the museum and the marketplace, the elite and the everyday, and this display (and the accompanying book) is intended to explore some of the new directions in printmaking today, and to show a selection of the many original and innovative works of art that fall within the ever-expanding definition of 'print'.

Prints Now
: Directions and Definitions
Gill Saunders and Rosie Miles

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