23 August, 2006

photogravure - Baldessin Press

The Baldessin Press is a unique bluestone etching studio, located 50 kilometres from Melbourne in the natural bushland of St Andrews. Originally built by George Baldessin (1938-1978), one of Australia's most renowned printmakers. With the initiative of Tess Edwards-Baldessin, his studio and presses have been restored and now operate as a non-profit co-operative, offering studio access, editioning for artist and workshops in all forms of traditional as well as contemporary etching practice. Within Australia, The Baldessin Press stands alone in the specialisation of Photogravure printmaking. Silvi Glattauer introduced the process and has been offering workshops in photogravure since early 2003 with much success, attracting photographers and printmakers from around Australia.


A photogravure is a hand pulled photographic print made from a printing plate. The original photograph becomes a beautifully textured and individual Intaglio etching, that results from the combination of fine art papers, archival inks and the etching press.

Silvi Glattauer's photogravure prints are the combination of the 19th century traditional photographic process, with 21 st century technological innovations. Silvi combines digital media and photo sensitive photopolymer printing plates with traditional etching techniques. Where the original process of photogravure required hazardous acids, asphalt and environmentally unfriendly copper, contemporary photogravure is a non toxic friendly technique that gives the photographer / printmaker safer work practices.

Silvi offers photogravure workshops at the Baldessin Press in St Andrrews, Victoria. Refer to the workshops page for full details on upcoming programs.

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