17 August, 2006

Cassandra Schultz - Alice Springs

Snake Eyes
1 -14 September 2006

An exhibition of works by local artist Cassandra Schultz, that reflect upon a non-indigenous sense of connection to the land and the role of women in the Australian landscape.

@ Watch this Space,
4/9 George Crescent,
Alice Springs
Opening Friday 1 September at 6pm

Cassandra Schultz

at whitepage
For most non-indigenous Australians, the sense of a connection to this land rests somewhere within an uncomfortable relationship between experiences of here and memories of elsewhere. Both exploration of this difficult relationship and my interest in the role of women in the Australian landscape have formed the basis for this body of work.

Darwin - 24HR Art Exhibition 6
When: until 22 October 2005
Where: 24HR Art, Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art
Vimy Lane, Parap

Pouch - Cassandra Schultz

...a 747 jumbo jet modelled from felted kangaroo fur... “pouch” investigates what a sense of connection to place may hold as a signifier for identity, culture and personal history.

In placing photographs of domestic workers and their employers onto white domestic objects and displacing them into the gallery space my intention is to explore the relationship between the worker and her employer and to re-evaluate the status of domestic labour and those who perform it.


SafetyNET is a global cyber cafe project that uses the power of new technologies to help stop violence against women and children.

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