13 August, 2006

Lyrebyrd Miniature Print Exchange #4

Print Australia's
Lyrebyrd Miniature Print Exchange #4 is well underway.

These are ph
otos of some stencil samples I have been playing with.

ow to from Visual Resistance

Lyrebyrd Miniature Print Exchange #4

Curator: J Severn
Due Date: midsummer/midwinter's day - June 22nd or thereabouts
Exchange Size: 21 participants, 2 archive prints, total 23 prints
Size: 4 x 6 ins or 10 x 15cms in envelope
Colophon: print is to be accompanied by explanatory text and colophon
stating title, content, materials and method.

Subject: open & experimental
Media: any print media editioned

Directions: To be mailed directly to participants in envelope. Each
participant will receive a list of names and addresses.

Requirements: All particpants must complete the exchange or return
prints received. Participants must be members of the lyrebyrd
mailing list and take an active part in the administration and
discussion of the exchange. The prints must be newly made for the

Archive: One archive set is for the Australian Print Collection at Wagga Wagga

NEW : Now published on the NEW Print Australia website. View a slideshow of the images here.


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