08 August, 2006

Gosia wlodarczac - canberra

Dear Friends and Colleages,

This is to let you know that I have just finished, what many of you had known occupied my and Longin’s time and thoughts for over 15 months, an installation drawing Skin of the Wall.

Maybe it is not typical to send around an announcement when one finishes a work, but this is a special case, at least for me. Skin of the Wall consists of 676 panels and its size is 440(h) x 1,691(w) cm and the area it will occupy when installed is 74,5m square (over 800 ft square).

The process of creation is finished, but the work has one final stage to be completed – installation. It will happen on the beginning of August 2006 at Helen Maxwell Gallery in Canberra (exhibition: 4 August – 3 September, drinks with the artist: 11 August, 6 –8 pm).

Please find attached a computer-generated panoramic image of the work. Due to the size of our interior space and the work size, it was impossible to photograph the work as a whole. The image below consists of 7 sections, which were during production, assembled on our floor and drawn separately then photographed section by section.

Warmest regards


Dear All,

On Tuesday 1st August I finished three days installation of Skin of The Wall at Helen Maxwell Gallery in Canberra. From my previous email you know all measurements and details of the work.

The official opening, is on 11th of August and it is also a very important day for me:

the first performance of Skin of The Wall sound composition.

I have not mentioned this part of my work to anyone, except Helen Maxwell, before because it had been not easy to find a composer to collaborate with on the project. Finally it has happened! Alistair Noble, a composer and musicologist has been working with me till now on the composition.

This sound component marks a new experimental direction in my practice. While the lines I draw are a visual translation of our ability to look and see, the sounds is an aural translation of our ability to look and see. I made an inventory of the same private interior space as for drawing, using musical notation (different notes represent different objects). Alistair Noble has converted my inventory into sounds. The resulting soundtrack will accompany the drawing installation during the exhibition at the gallery.

Please find attached a few images of Skin of The Wall installed. I have also attached an essay by David Hansen which complements the exhibition.
Warmest regards


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