18 August, 2006

The Blue Notebook = uk

The Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of Western England is
publishing The Blue Notebook: a new journal for artists' books which aims
to "provide a platform for the discussion of worldwide, contemporary book
arts practice.

The Blue Notebook will launch with Volume 1 No. 1 in October 2006 as a
peer reviewed journal, published twice yearly. the journal will consist
solely of essays and artwork on artists' publishing.

Volume 1 will include The case for failure in artists' bookworks by Nola
Farman (Aus) Justice is Beautiful: expanding the paradigm of the artists'
book by Marshall Weber (USA) Reader by Sarah Jacobs (UK) Shelf Life: in
consideration of new pages turned, fresh narratives and unexpected
characters by Mike Nicolson (UK) and Reading as Prwoling, Furtive Roaming:
how touch is connected to seeing by slowing down the animal locomotion of
reading artists' books in search of soemthing human in teh link between
hands and eyes by Tate Shaw (USA) and Tim Mosely (Aus) on papermaking.
Artists pages by Lucy May Schofield, Kurt Johannsessenn, Roy Voss...

The journal will be published in two formats: an electronic colour version
to be accessed at any time online and a paper, black and white version
(print) ISSN 1751-1712 (online) ISSN 1751-1720
Subscription covers both formats at 10GBP per annum - UK and

The CFPR welcomes submissions of writing on contemporary artists' books
for The Blue Notebook, deadline for submission to issue 2 will be 10th
January 2007. For more information about submissions and subscriptions
Email: Sarah.Bodman@uwe.ac.uk
Sarah Bodman
Impact Press
Centre for Fine Print Research
UWE Bristol School of Art, Media and Design

Further information available in Book Arts Newsletter No.28 Summer 2006
available from CFPR website at www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk

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