19 August, 2006

Alicia King - Melbourne

Alicia King will be showing current works at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne from the 17th of August until mid-September 2006.

Alicia King's
installation I'm Growing To Love You in gallery 4, suggests forms both internal and external to the body, in which life may exist, disguised, or in un-recognizable form. Nature is made strange by combining elements of the body, composed of cultured human tissue with fragments from a nature unknown, in an innate metamorphosis between body and environment. This work opens up extended locations and perspectives for subjectivity; a morphosis between fixed form and formlessness; object, body, and space.

... Alicia King just wants people to debate the technology of biology.

Artist-in-residence at the University of Tasmania School of Medicine, King, 25, has grown a cell "membrane" over her sculptural forms, using a stock line of human tissue cells.

The uni's ethics committee has given her permission to use her own and consenting patients' discarded tissue.



'i'm growing to love you' - March 4 - 24, 2006
An installation by Alicia King

Alicia King
is currently studying her PhD (Fine Art) at the University of Tasmania, and is also Artist in Residence at the UTAS School of Medicine, where she is learning tissue culture techniques for growing semi-living sculptural forms from human tissue. Her interests lie in the potential of biological technologies to influence the human perception of 'self' within the natural world. Her practice sits within a broader field of endeavour currently undertaken by artists internationally, which confronts new concepts of life and self in response to developments in the biomedical field. Contemporary art has an influential role to play addressing these issues within the public realm, and generating critical cultural discussion.

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Anonymous said...

good to see you have kept your passion, you obviously live and breathe art like you used to, very very awesome i always wondered where the art world would benifit from your talents - from an old friend :)