10 August, 2006

Posters of Conflict - Imperial War Museum

Millions of posters were distributed during wartime Britain to influence
public opinion and many of the designs are still famous to this day.
Just think of the slogans 'Dig for Victory', 'Careless Talk Costs
Lives', and 'Walls Have Ears', and the pointing finger of Kitchener with
the strapline 'Your Country Needs You'.

We are pleased to announce that another 4000 posters from the Imperial
War Museum poster collection are now available online via AHDS Visual
Arts. This latest addition brings the total number of digital images
available from the Imperial War Museum Posters of Conflict collection to
over 7000 images.

The Imperial War Museum's poster collection is the largest and most
comprehensive of its type in Great Britain, documenting the social,
political, ethnic and cultural aspirations of various nations, from the
First World War to more recent conflicts. The collection is an
essential resource for looking at the development of mass communication,
propaganda, publicity, commercial art and graphic design.

The posters have been digitised, catalogued, and published online as
part of the Posters of Conflict project, a joint venture between the
Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation Design (MIRIAD) at
Manchester Metropolitan University and the Art Department at the
Imperial War Museum. The project obtained funding from the Arts and
Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and ran for three years, completing
in May 2006.

A major poster exhibition is also due to take place at the Imperial War
Museum in London in September 2007. The IWM is working in collaboration
with Manchester Metropolitan University and the exhibition will be the
first major show in over 30 years dedicated entirely to the poster

The Posters of Conflict collection can be searched and browsed at:

For the entire AHDS Visual Arts image catalogue visit:


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