05 November, 2006

feminism and feminist art

feminism and feminist art


Anonymous said...

I consider myself a feminist, but I do not agree that feminism should be this radical, i.e. brutal, in order to be heard. With love, we get what we want, not with pure hatred!!!

blakkbyrd said...

dear anonymous

There is a painting by artemesia of judith from the old testament.

There is a link to a reference page on feminism.

The reading that "feminism should be this radical, i.e. brutal - pure hatred!!!" is your own. I merely displayed the image to illustrate an offlist discussion.

If you researched both women you would understand why this image is a feminist icon. I envy your idealism and youthful enthuiasm.

Coincidently, I visited several of artimesia's paintings in Florence last week.

SOBIA said...

Do you know who painted this, was it a woman or a man?
Perhaps if it is a man he is trying to portray what happens when women get power to scare people from letting women free.