01 November, 2006

Experimenta Vanishing Point - Perth

16 November – 3 December 2006
Free entry

In conjunction with the 2006 Awesome Festival, the Experimenta Vanishing Point touring exhibition of interactive media and video art will be exhibited for the first time in Perth at the Bakery with a Video Jukebox at PICA.

Artists featured are: David MacLeod & Narinda Reeders (Australia):: Hiraki Sawa (Japan):: Daniel Crooks (Australia) :: Grant Stevens (Australia):: Minim++ (Japan)::Ji-Hoon Byun (Korea)::June Bum Park (Korea)::William Wegman (USA):: Penny Cain (Australia) :: Shelley Eshkar & Paul Kaiser (USA):: Luke Jerram (UK)::Julie C Fortier (France):: Shaun Gladwell (Australia).

The exhibition will feature audience favourites such as I Parking and III Crossing (June Bum Park, South Korea), video works in which a car park and a traffic intersection are transformed into play worlds for a giant’s hands; Pedestrian (Shelley Eshkar and Paul Kaiser, USA), a video work projected onto a pavement depicting a miniature world where the inhabitants mimic our own daily movements; and The Shy Picture (David MacLeod and Narinda Reeders) which appears to be a small photograph hanging quietly on the gallery wall, but gets stage fright when people approach.


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