07 November, 2006

Exhibition - Bulgaria/Chicago

Exhibition November 2006

The Art Institute of Chicago

November 2 – November 22
30 artists with 30 works on paper

This print-exchange began 2003 when recent MFA graduate, Hague Williams, visited Sofia, Bulgaria, meeting Georgi Kolev of LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects.
He proposed the idea of uniting the contemporary traditions of Bulgarian printmaking and American printmaking in an exchange in order to learn more about the differences and similarities of these two disparate but strong traditions.
The exhibit at 1926 gallery of The Art Institute of Chicago in November 2003 brought students and faculty from three of the finest art institutions in the world together through the language of printmaking.


Now at the new gallery & exhibition space of Lessedra in Sofia are presented 30 artists:
Doug Huston, Janice Lim, Ray Martin, Karen Savage, Wrik Repasky, Hague Williams, Jamisen Ogg, Juozas Cernius, Sole Traverso, Tina M. Ward, Alan Lerner, Ben Skinner, Mariano Chavez, Nathan Strait, Alexis Brown, Jon Scordato, Michele Hollander, Tom Davie, Ed Huttel, Caried Suprenant, Randi Perkins, Karin Patzke, Linda Lee, Jeanine Coup Ryding, Jill Preston, Carrie Vinarsky, Dirk Frederik Knibbe, Lauren Anderson, Merry-Beth Noble, Dave Martinez.

Some more information & images you can find here


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LESSEDRA Gallery & Contemporary Art Projects
25, Milin Kamak Street, Lozenetz
1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
Open: Monday - Friday from 3 to 7 p.m.


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