16 November, 2006

The Autopsy Gallery

Up and coming shows - Our future shows include solos from Merda, Shara Henderson, Stormie Mills, Ben Frost, to name a few and we also have one or two that we can not just release yet - But keep your eyes peeled on the site and the streets for future openings.

(Show 001 - The Self Titled) Our grand opening was a huge success and included some amazing artists from our shores and those far and wide - The line up included: Ben Frost, Merda, Maya Hayuk, Tofer, Doze Green, Norm, Stormie Mills,Deedee Cheriel, Attaboy, Erica Gosich Rose, Dmote, Robert Hardgrave, Kev Grey, Remi Rough and Amanda Lynn to name a few!


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