16 November, 2006

PAN Amsterdam

PAN Amsterdam
PAN - Pictura Antiquairs Nationaal
RAI-Parkhal Amsterdam
fon +31 411 64 44 40

PAN Amsterdam 2005
the national art & antiques fair

On Sunday 20 November the national art and antiques fair pAn Amsterdam opens its doors for the nineteenth time. This year sees a first—among the 112 art and antiques dealers at the fair is a German exhibitor, Anat Isman-Fänder of Hamburg, who deals in twentieth-century glass and silver. He is one of the eleven new exhibitors. This year a striking number of dealers have put together a special display, including presentations of works by Isaac Israels, Jongkind, Willem Hussum and Jan van Heel, and Art from the Emerald Belt. Among the most exceptional items are Canal near Zaandam, one of the few works that Monet painted in the Netherlands, a Herman Kruyder from the famous Regnault Collection, a very rare watch on a stand from Alkmaar, a large map of Leiden dating from 1670 and a seventeenth-century terracotta she-wolf with Romulus and Remus by Artus Quellinus the Elder. pAn Amsterdam runs from 20 to 27 November in the Parkhal at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam.

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