14 October, 2006

patently referenced

Providing customized text and imagery on organic products

United States Patent 7089860

The present invention features various systems and methods for providing an image on an organic product to provide a communication to the recipient or otherwise individualize the organic product. Notably, the present invention features an organic product printing system comprising at least one organic product; a support structure that secures one or more organic products therein for printing upon them, wherein the support structure comprises a stabilizer bar for supporting one or more printing assemblies; and at least one printing assembly supported within the support structure, wherein the printing assembly comprises a printing device that prints an image onto the organic product.

Harris, Blaine; Terrell (Bountiful, UT), R
odriguez, Rene;

Other References:
Severn, J, "Handmade paper", pp. 1-7, 1999.


pdf http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7089860.pdf


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