12 October, 2006

Miniare: 2004


Miniare: International Mini Print Exhibition 30 July - 16 August 2004

The Manly Art Gallery & Museum presents Miniare, to be opened by Director Therese Kenyon on Friday 30 July at 6pm. One hundred and thirty-one small prints by some of the best known printmakers in Australia and Canada form this exhibition.

The prints, each only 18 x 18cm, were part of the second Biennale of the Quebec Printmaking Council shown in Montreal in 2002. Anthea Boesenberg was asked to present a showcase of Australian prints for the event, and she has gathered together prints from all over Australia, including work from the remote Aboriginal community of Ernabella in South Australia.

To add to these, prints were selected by Therese Kenyon (Director, Manly Art Gallery & Museum) and Michael Kempson from work submitted for consideration by artists Australia wide. Artists include: G.W. Bot, Judy Bourke, Adam Cullen, Nicholas Harding, Roslyn Kean, Deborah Klein, Craigh Marsden, Ron McBurnie, Nyuwara Tapaya and Carol Williams.

‘ The miniature print may have all the qualities that we find so attractive in larger work – velvety lines, soft veils of transparent colour, sedu The impact however, can be more tangible because the viewer has a more intimate and focussed relationship with each piece. The work selected to showcase the Australian printmaking for the second Miniare is evidence of the important position that the miniature holds in printmaking. The prints have been created using both traditional and alternative print media, the only truly common feature being their size.' Anthea Bosenberg.

'Why does the miniature print make such an impression, fascinate so much?
Possibly, because the very constraints of size demand skill and, often, virtuosity.
A small print demands proximity. The format's smallness requires a vision that is quite rare, a dense examination, an intense relationship between the print and the eye.' (Serge Wagner)

In Canada, the work was shown in Montreal, and Australian artist Dianne Longley won a prize awarded by the Australian High Commission.

Other prize winners represented include Claire Lemay and Maria Chronopooulos of Canada.

Sundays @ the Gallery Guided Exhibition Tour
3pm Sunday 8 August

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