07 October, 2006

moon for sale

As of 7 October in one of the Rijksmuseum's unoccupied towers, one of the oldest objects in the museum's collection will be on display: a moon rock.

The rock, which was brought back from the moon, is the most important component of the art project Fly Me To The Moon, which the artist duo Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol will present in the museum. The museum tower has never before been open to the public and also the moon rock will be on display for the first time for a broad public.

Do you want to see the moon rock up close, then make a reservation for a guided tour of the tower where the rock is on display.

This will all be covered in the art project. The moon rock will be displayed in a showcase in one of the towers of the main building. Visitors will only be allowed to enter the building in small supervised groups.

A reading about the moon rock will be held on 7 October... at full moon.

Its a fashi
onable art trend here in Europe. Place a found object in an art museum and pretend you are an artist.

Its all very duchampian, and quite b

This isn't art, its museum practice.

Participation is at one's own risk.

out, you might get zapped by moon rays

Since the so-called discovery of the moon in 1969, people have laid claims on it - of both a symbolic and material nature. There are pieces of moon land for sale on the Internet. A hectare costs between 29 and 49 dollars and includes a deed of ownership
Yes, they are Dutch...

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