17 October, 2006

Judy Parrott - Brisbane

Antarctica, A Place in the Wilderness
An exhibition of photography by Judy Parrott from an Australian Antarctic Division Arts Fellowship

Opens 8 November at 7pm
Showing 9 November to 3 December

Visy Foyer - Brisbane Powerhouse
119 Lamington Street
New Farm Qld 4005

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday to Sunday 10am to 4pm
Having spent several months on an Arts Fellowship in Antarctica, Brisbane photographer Judy Parrott¹s exhibition of photographic works presents a rare glimpse of life on Australian research stations.

After initial training in Tasmania, where Parrott learned knots, navigation, radio communication and rescue methods, she travelled to the Antarctic on board the Aurora Australis. During the journey south and once in Antarctica, she reviewed her training and underwent blizzard training.

"We were well prepared to meet any challenges we might face out on the field," Parrott said.

During her fellowship, Parrott spent time in each of Australia¹s three stations documenting the work and community life at the station and in the field. The result is a series of dramatic photographs of this extreme environment that provide an experience of Œbeing there¹.

"Walking on the Antarctic plateau is like floating on a giant, white disc suspended in space," she said.

As part of the exhibition, Antarctica, A Place in the Wilderness showing from 9 November until 3 December at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Parrott will include found objects (for which she was granted a permit to collect), materials provided by the Australian Antarctic Division and a collaged audio recording.

The recording includes ambient sounds, such as the cracking of ice during the boat voyage and the slicing of bitter winds, as well as the station inhabitants talking about their work and their environment.

Antarctica, A Place in the Wilderness will tour to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart and then to Parliament House Gallery in Canberra in 2007 with a more extensive national tour in planning for 2008, the International Polar Year (http://www.ipy.org).

Judy Parrott was awarded the Arts Fellowship by the Australian Antarctic Division and supported by Brisbane City Council Creative Sparks funding. She is a Brisbane-based photographer whose work focuses on people in their communities. Her recent bodies of work explore West End (A Sense of Place) and Bolivia (A Place in Bolivia). In 2007, she travels to Scotland to undertake a six-month residency.

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