02 October, 2006

Artist's Resale Rights -uk

Press Release

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

DACS and Fine Art Trade Guild joint decision on prints

The Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) and the Fine Art Trade Guild have set their guidelines on the inclusion of limited edition prints under the Artist's Resale Right legislation.

The issue of limited edition prints was one area that was not clearly
defined in the Artist's Resale Right Regulations 2006 which merely
states that any art work "which is one of a limited number made by the
artist or under his/her authority" qualifies. The law does not state an
upper limit on the number of items in an edition.

'The Fine Art Trade Guild is delighted that DACS has reconsidered its
interpretation of the categories of prints subject to ARR, effectively
eliminating most reproductions,' says Managing Director Christrose

Joanna Cave, Chief Executive of DACS says, 'By consulting the Guild, in
addition to taking legal advice and studying how the issue is treated in
other countries, our goal was to reach an outcome that made sense for
art market professionals, balanced with the rights of artists. I think
we have successfully achieved this.'

DACS recommends that prints made entirely by the artist or where the
artist made the matrix and worked in collaboration with another party
will qualify.

Therefore, prints within these categories which are bought directly from
a publishing house and then resold will qualify for a resale royalty
(providing other conditions are met).

This is defined in more detail in Categories A-C of the British Standard
Classification of Prints.

For more information contact Tania Spriggens on 020 7553 9052


What is the Artist's Resale Right?

From 14th February 2006 living artists are legally entitled to receive a
resale royalty each time their work is resold by or to an art market


For 20 years artists have trusted DACS to collect and pay. Artists can
only receive their resale royalties through an organisation like DACS.
We are an ethical, genuinely not-for-profit society established by
artists for artists.

How does it work?

Our dedicated team monitors sales of art works that take place not just
in London but throughout the UK and overseas. Using this information we
calculate the royalties and collect the money due to artists. Our
sophisticated systems offer a range of services for art market
professionals whether large or small to help them comply with the law.

When will artists get paid?

DACS is committed to paying artists their resale royalties as soon as
possible. We promise to pay artists who have registered with us within
30 days of collection.

What does DACS charge?

We will only charge artists what it costs us to collect and pay. For all
resale royalties collected on or after 14th February 2006 we will charge
15%. What's more, until the true costs are known, we guarantee to match
any other rate.

Money from overseas

We have established an international network to collect resale royalties
for UK artists from overseas. Money is already coming in from around the
world. DACS will make no charge to artists when we pay these royalties.

DACS - the Design and Artists Copyright Society - is the UK's copyright and collecting society for artists and visual creators. We exist to promote and protect the copyright and related rights of artists and visual creators.


The Guild represents the art and framing industry and is its voice to government, the media and other agencies.

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