14 October, 2006

Gosia Wlodarczak - Melbourne

Gosia Wlodarczak
31 October - 18 November 2006
Preview: Tuseday 31 October 5.00 - 7.30pm


Arc One Gallery
45 Flinders Lane

SHARED SPACE investigates the social
environment in which we live and engages with the
recently growing awareness, anxieties and fears
concerning safe/unsafe human relationships. The
series is the outcome of several meetings and drawing
sessions with a group of people with whom I have
interacted within the course of my art practice. They
responded to my invitation to be part of this project
which explores a mutual relationship, friendship and

Works in the series are multi-panelled with a uniform
height of 162 cm, which is my body height selected as
a personalising symbol. The first stage of each work
was prepared in my home / studio space and became
an integral background for the shared space. The
second stage involved working and socially interacting
with the participant over a period of several sessions.
The working sessions took place either at my home or
in the home / workplace of the participant.

The linen was placed on the floor, and became the
shared personal space. I set or stood on the linen
in order to draw, whilst the participant stood, sat,
or reclined on the linen in their most comfortable
position. I drew around us both for several hours at a
time. Drawing around another person’s body can be
discomforting and requires a degree of trust, openness
and willingness by the participant to share one’s
personal space. The finished work becomes a linear
record of a number of interactions while the voids
imprinted on the work reflects the presence, an outline
of the time experienced together.

The interactions were photographed in progress by
Longin Sarnecki.

Kindly participated:
Carl Altmann artist, Perth, WA
Dr Jan Altmann writer, theorist, Perth, WA
Angela Chaplin artistic director Deckchair Theatre, Fremantle, WA
Dr Christopher Crouch artist, art theorist, Perth, WA
David Forrest CBE director Gallery East, Fremantle WA
Emma Kranz director ARC One / Span Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria
Derek Kreckler artist, Perth, WA
Dr Geoffrey Lancaster AM concert pianist, chief conductor La Cetra
Barockorchester Basel, professor of music ANU, ACT Australian of
the Year 2006
Dr Sarah Miller curator, formerly director Perth Institute of
Contemporary Art, WA
Janis Nedela artist, director Gallery East, Fremantle WA
Robert Owen artist, Melbourne, Victoria
Gregory Pryor artist, Perth, WA
Longin Sarnecki artist, Melbourne, Victoria
Saba Skaberne artist, Perth, WA

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