03 August, 2005

universes of art

Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art is an information system for the visual arts from Africa, Asia, and Latin America in the context of international art processes. The selection of artists and countries, which we include in our report on the 51st Venice Biennial, is based on this focus as well. photo tour of the biennial
As a kind of online magazine published four times a year since March 2003, we present new issues with articles, information, and pictures concerning contemporary visual arts with essential sources or references in the Islamic world, a term meant here in its cultural sense. As a precaution against misunderstandings, we find it necessary to underline that the concern of our publication is not "Islamic" art - however this may be defined. Our aim is to show the diversity of artistic expressions and individual positions of artists who live in Islam-influenced countries or regions, or consider their cultural home to be in such places but live elsewhere.
contemporary art from the islamic world
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