16 August, 2005

Friedhard Kiekeben & saline sulphate etch

Etching: Friedhard Kiekeben gets to grips with the science of non-toxic intaglio printmaking and explains his own pioneering discoveries.

from the university of chester (posted by Asbjørn Hollerud

Friedhard Kiekeben’s works take form as digital wall drawings, etched metal sculptures, and series of prints. Information and transformation, as well as simulated versus real space are key issues of his abstract art. The work, which is shown internationally, raises fundamental questions of human perception, and it emphasises information as the new paradigm of a contemporary aesthetic.

After the metaphysic of being and appearance, after that of energy and determination, comes that of indeterminacy and the code.
…Today, when the real and the imaginary are confused in the same operational totality, the aesthetic fascination is everywhere.

Jean Baudrillard: ‘Simulations’

Friedhard Kiekeben has taken a lead role in the development of non-toxic printmaking. This scientific investigation is manifested in the invention and development of a range of metal salt and acrylic resist etching processes. The new process-based research findings are disseminated and implemented internationally.


portfolio of works

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