07 August, 2005

inuit stone prints

stonecutting demonstration

Harry Egotak demonstrates the creation of a stonecut print as he recounts his first experiences with trapping and trading in Holman. (The dialogue is difficult to hear).

The History of Printmaking in Holman

gallery of prints

The Inuit are also famous for their works of graphic art. The first series of limited edition graphics was put out by the artists of Cape Dorset in 1959. Other communities began to follow soon after, and now the communities of Pangnirtung, Povurnituq, Baker Lake and Holman Island are also well known for their prints.

Inuit prints are produced in a variety of media with the most common being either lithographs or stonecuts. Stonecuts are quite unique to the Inuit in that the standard lithographic stone is carved out into a bas relief image of the design to be printed. Often the stonecuts are augmented with stencils to apply subtle colours to the prints. In fact it is not uncommon for two prints of the same image to be subtly different in that this is still a very much a "hands on" process as opposed to some of the mass produced graphics that are common today.

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