06 August, 2005

brazilian art

Brazilian art seems to be coming up a lot lately

there's an opening at the Treehouse gallery, Amsterdam, this weekend
WE-BRASIL is a group of Brazilian artists working and living in The Netherlands, each artist with his or her own particular style. Some of these artists have made successful careers, having exhibited their work many times, being featured in important publications and winning art prizes and accolades but not one of them has worked together before.
and there's another online gallery of brazilian art here
a visual poetry exhibition from 2002
Instead of confining myself to the dissection of the historic content of each work -- if they belong to this or that stream of Visual Poetry, or not, and leaving that to the competency and scrutiny of art historians – I decided to embrace the broader scope of Brazilian visual poetry. I decided to invite not just the poets whose art originated in Concrete poetry or Process poetry (the two main branches of Brazilian visual poetry) but also to mix into this celebration of my mother lingua artists/poets from all tendencies of Brazilian visual poetry -- from the inventors and masters, to the neophytes. Welcoming also those situated at the margins, such as Millôr Fernades and Hélio Oiticica, whose works many scholars may not take as Visual Poetry, or even poetic at all, but to which I reserve the right to have my own opinion.

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