03 August, 2005


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below is part of the original call

This is an open call for contributing material to a project intended for a group show in Stenersenmuseet, Oslo, Norway, curated by Henry Meyric Hughes. The show is scheduled to open in February, 2005.

I have been invited as a participating artist for the show "BoundLess", which has a theme based on the idea of artists travelling, creating networks of affiliated people and the notion that creativity is relative and subject to your meetings and subsequent inspirations.

I would like to open this up further by inviting ANYBODY to submit material such as text or images - or both - which will fit on a sheet of A4 in black and white. It could be a text, an article, a drawing, a note, a photograph or whatever. Your material will be included in the show as a reproduction, without any restrictions or censorship, and I will furthermore make an effort to reproduce selected images and illustrations (blown up as posters or painted up as some sort of background decoration), as a backdrop to the show. I will even try to execute any instructions you supply, to the best of my ability. There is no limit to the number of pieces you submit, but please note that each work of art should be limited to a single sheet of paper.

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