31 August, 2005

felt supplier - victoria


For information on application and product please contact us.

Telephone(03) 9894 0175
FAX(03) 9877 9133
Postal address
44 Springfield Road, Blackburn Victoria 3130
Electronic mail
Sales & General Information: sales@felt.com.au


We are Australian Importers and Wholesalers of pressed woolen felt. (No
pressed woolen felt is made in Australia)

We have supplied felt sheet cut to size for both etching pressed and also
for paper making presses for many years but have never really advertised the
fact. Because we are the importers our pricing structure reflects this and we
usually offer felt at far cheaper prices than from re-sellers.

If you could add us to your suppliers list It would be most kind and


Colin Read
Australian Felt Specialists Pty Ltd www.felt.com.au
The Felt Shop Pty Ltd www.feltshop.com.au
Tel 03 9894 0175 Fax 03 9877 9133

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