13 August, 2005


Michel HOSSZÙ, who is part French and Hungarian, lives in Paris, he was born in 1949.

After his studies at the Ecole Estienne (1961-64), he moves to New-York (64-66) where he becomes a photographer and a Pop Art supporter / loyalist. Back in Paris, he pursues his experimentations with photographies, using montage, collage &screenprinting.

He finds his style, and from now on applies techniques of fragmentation, multiplication and juxtaposition to portraiture.

In 1979, he adheres to Mail Art, to become one of its staunchest French supporter (in 1992, he puts up a solo exhibition at the Musée de la Poste).

Years pass by, that see him focus more and more on the stamp idea, an object for him both "multiple" and rare, synonymous with world-wide communication : it becomes his favorite means of expression.

In February of 1987, Andy Warhol's untimely death prompts him to create, as an homage, the first " world-wide " stamp, with neither price, nor country of origin, featuring the face of the man he had met in New-York in 1964. The Museum of modern Art acknowledges this stamp in their catalogue raisonne as a legitimate artistic enterprise.

Today besides his own work, Michel HOSSZÙ creates, publishes, & co-produces artist's stamps for artists, for galleries, museums or companies from around the world looking for an original & innovating communication platform.

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