07 May, 2007

MOCA Focus: Alexandra Grant

Through a combination of conceptual and intuitive operations, Alexandra Grant transforms chosen texts into patterns of color, shape, and form, giving them new life.

Her collaborations with Michael Joyce, the renowned hyperfiction writer, and the writings of theorist, novelist, and academic H�l�ne Cixous inspired Grant to create The Ladder Quartet, a series of four large-scale drawings that become wordscapes or landscapes of language.

The MOCA exhibition will present these drawings along with new work.

MOCA Focus: Alexandra Grant is presented as part of MOCA Focus, a major initiative to showcase the work of emerging artists in Southern California. The exhibition is curated by MOCA Associate Curator Alma Ruiz and is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue.

Listen to a special audio program developed by Alexandra Grant, and Dan Rothenberg, director of the
Pig Iron Theatre Company.

Introduction by artist Alexandra Grant
1:25 (2mb)

play she taking her space (after Michael Joyce’s
“he taking the space of,” 2004)
, 2004

1:58 (1.4mb)

play let’s (after Michael Joyce’s “Ladders,” 2004), 2005
4:48 (3.3mb)

play conspirar (after Michael Joyce’s “Conspire,” 2004), 2005
1:56 (1.3mb)

play contender (after Michael Joyce’s “Contend,”
, 2005

1:06 (784k)

play babel (after Michael Joyce’s “Was,” 2006), 2006
4:54 (3.4mb)

play nimbus II (after Michael Joyce’s “Nimbus,” 2003), 2007
4:00 (2.8mb)

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