09 May, 2007

Dedalo Exhibition Italy

From Colleen Corradi

I am now preparing a printmaking exhibition which will open next May in conjunction with the opening of "Dedalo", a new contemporary art center set in the Abruzzi mountains.

The art center is a three storey country house converted into a studio with printmaking facilities, and with accommodation for visiting artists (more information will come soon on a website which will be online within a month or two)

The exhibition I am preparing will instruct the public of varous printmaking techniques and I will show works from my print collection including works from previous exchanges.

The prints on display will be from the following exchanges:

Print Australia exchanges

Sacred Tree 2000

page 1 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/tree/tree1.htm

page 2 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/tree/tree2.htm

page 3 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/tree/tree3.htm

What Is a Print? 2001

This exchange exhibition has been rehung and relocated

page 1 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/WIAP/page_1.htm

page 2 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/WIAP/page_2.htm

page 3 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/WIAP/page_3.htm

page 4 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/WIAP/page_4.htm

page 5 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/WIAP/page5.htm

Dreams 2002
(a collaboration with the Poetryetc mailing list)
Dreams Exchange Poems

Metal Plate 2003

Because of space (and alas! costs) I can't frame them all, but there will be a selection of prints from a variety of artists from as many countries as I can possibly handle.

If you click on the link below you will get a list of artists who
will be in this show

participating australians

Anthea Bosenberg , Australia
Gerald Soworka, Australia
Jan Telfer, Australia
Josephine Severn, Australia
Judy Bourke, Australia
Julia Wakefield, Australia
Julianne Kershaw , australia
Melissa Read-Devine, Australia
Peter Mc. Lean, Australia
Raylene Johnson, Australia
Raymond Carter, Australia
Suzie Haddock, Australia
Yvonne Dorricott, Australia

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