29 May, 2007

Internet film studio - Poland

At the beginning of June the internationally renowned cameraman Slawomir Idziak will open Poland's first virtual film studio. He used the English Internet portal Stray Cinema as a model.

Marta Strzelecka describes the concept:
"Film Spring Open Virtual Studio (www.filmspringopen.eu - goes online on June 1) takes the workshops he's been doing for three years now one step further. Cameramen, directors, actors and screenwriters from several European countries will take part in the project. Before they meet up on the film set they use the Internet to work together on the script. The main principle is that there is no director dictatorship during the work on the script. Each should have the right to criticise things and even propose radical changes. The different roles are allocated only when they meet on the set." (25/05/2007)
» full article (external link, Polish)

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