29 May, 2007

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A book that consists only of printed patterns is not such a common thing nowadays. Once deemed superfluous by the Modernists, pattern has often mirrored the times we live in: the spiky 1950s, the psychedelic 1960s, geometric 1980s, minimal 1990s. So what was happening in the 1930s? I’m sitting in the Tate archive looking at a specimen book of pattern papers published by Curwen Press in 1928, featuring designs by Paul Nash, Enid Marx, Claude Lovat Fraser and others.
Behind the Curtain: Passion in Patterns by Paul Simmons

Read every article online. Highlights include:
Inner Visions by Beate Söntgen
Out of the Blue by Jon Wozencroft
Excremental Value by John Miller
Dalí I: Lights, Camera, ...Metamorphosis by Ian Christie
Dalí II: The Great Collaborator by C Jones & J Montes Baquer
Dalí III: Uncle Walt and Salavdor by Roy Disney
Dalí IV: The Performance Years by Jonas Mekas
A Study in Denim by Stephen Daniels
The Master Chameleon by Roni Horn
"Warhol stumbled across ‘The Real America’..." by G Williams
Hélio Oiticica I: Living Colour by Vincent Katz
Hélio Oiticica II: Hélio and I in London by Caetano Veloso
Hélio III: "Be an Outlaw... Be a Hero" by Neto, Marepe, Yass
In the Mind’s Eye by Oliver Sacks
Dancing the White Darkness by Marina Warner
We Are Here by D Campany, M Parr, A Pavord and others
Microtate by Nick Rosen, Peter Newman, Peter Peri and Tom Hodgkinson
Behind the Curtain: Passion in Patterns by Paul Simmons

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