02 March, 2008

Non-Toxic Exchange 2005

The Non-Toxic Experimental Exchange 2005
Print Australia
Curator: Josephine Severn
Coordinator: Judy Barrass
Due Date :
August 31st 2005

Details I
Thu Jan 06 2005 : The Next Exchange

"The last exchanges were themed on subject and open as to technique. This time the theme is technique and the subject matter is open, with the usual proviso that the prints must be created specifically for this exchange.

The idea is that the prints be made using new (non-toxic) methodologies. Eg acrylic grounds, ferric rather than nitric, waterless litho and so on. As a rough guide, follow Keith Howard, Nik Semenof, Henrik Boegh and similar publications. ...

It is a requirement that the prints must be accompanied with a detailed description of the processes used, for educational and comparative purposes.

We need to review the current international postal rates so that we can inform you what the return postage (participation fee) will be.

THe next email I send will be an 'expression of interest' form, if you want to participate, please fill it in and reply to the list. That helps me administratively.

Thats all for now
Josephine Severn"

Detail II

Sun Mar 20 : 2005


Theme: Open

Medium: Any print medium. Experimental and non-toxic are encouraged.

Dimensions: The paper must be either 11 x 15 inches, or 28 by 38 cms if you prefer metric. Please note we will crop any pages that exceed these dimensions. The image may be any size, shape or orientation (landscape/portrait) within this paper size but an image that is A4 (letter) or less is preferred to keep the image within the size of the scanner bed -or you may wish to provide your own digital version if the image is larger.

Edition Size: Minimum edition size of 25, maximum exchange size is 22.

You will submit one for each participant plus one for the Print Australia Archive
and one for an exhibition set.

Final number of participants to be advised May 2005.

Due Date: August 31st 2005

Co-ordinator: Judy Barrass


Online Display


Anna Ornella
Audrey Hill
Barbara Patera
Carole Caroll
Chris Cooper
Christine Elcoate
Di Tait
Judy Barrass
Jan Telfer
Jeanne Norman Chase
Jim Brodie
Tanya Gold
Jo Kambourian
Joan Hill
Louis Page
Rosanna Jurisevic
Sandra Williams
Suzanne Salsbury

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