15 March, 2008

Adelaide Fringe 2004

The Printmaker's Art

Rowland Rees Gallery
Adelaide Fringe Festival
21 Feb - 14 March 2004
Curator: Julia Wakefield

"I will exhibit the Metal Exchange and a few selections from other PA exchanges (SSNW03), as well as the Year of the Snake and Year of the Horse exchanges. The emphasis will be on technique, and so I have asked a number of SA printmakers to send one example of their work, with an explanation of how the print was arrived at. "

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We are staging a Fringe exhibition called 'The Printmaker's Art' at a gallery in the Hills just outside Adelaide (20 minutes drive) ... opening on Feb 21.

The Fringe exhibition (21 Feb - 14 March) is going to be the Metal Exchange, plus work of South Australian printmakers, with lots of explanations about how the prints were made for the enlightenment of the general public. There will be talks and demos during the exhibition, as well as the postcard exchange workshops.

It will take place at the Rowland Rees Gallery, an old community hall, local heritage listed, in Summertown, a small settlement in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, but only 20 minutes from the City. I may not have room to show all the Metal Exchange prints in frames, but the plan is to show them in folios otherwise, and I will show my other postcard collections from the Year of the Snake and the Year of the Horse in folders.

Adelaide Fringe Postcard Exchange
Curated by Julia Wakefield for the Adelaide Fringe 2004

"To reiterate, during our Fringe exhibition we will be inviting members of the public to have a go at printing a postcard, signing it, and sending it to one of our participating printmakers. We are hoping that these kind and friendly printmakers will post a limited edition postcard back to the sender. The idea is to get Fringe visitors actively involved in printmaking, and if they have the added bonus of receiving an original print in return for their own first-time effort, they'll appreciate printmaking even more, and either start collecting prints or start learning to do it for themselves."


Summertown Printmakers
Rowland Rees Gallery, Summertown
The Printmaker's Art


'The Printmaker's Art' is an exhibition designed by printmakers, which aims to explain the complex world of contempora
sry printmaking in a number of different and exciting ways. The Rowland Rees Gallery is the only visual arts venue that is dedicated to the local Hills community, represented by the East Torrens Community Arts Association. The Association has joined with a number of established South Australian printmakers to present this special exhibition.

There will be prints on display by more than forty printmakers, providing first-class examples of the huge variety of print media that are in use today. In addition to the South Australian works, there will be displays of experimental print exchanges initiated via the Internet, involving participants from all over the world. Of particular interest is the first
showing of a new exchange coordinated by the Print Australia website, which exists to promote communication between professional printmakers, not only in Australia, but worldwide. (Metal Plate Exchange)

And there will be opportunities for visitors to experiment for themselves. Workshops leading up to the exhibition, and drop-in workshops to be held during the exhibition, will enable people to try out some of the simpler printmaking techniques. You will be able to print your own Fringe postcard, and participate in an international postcard exchange. (Adelaide Fringe Postcard Exchange) There will also be artists' talks and demonstrations.

Curator: Julia Wakefield

About Print Australia

" Some of us have been at it for years, but we're all beginners when it comes to new techniques. I started printmaking in the bad old days when everything was toxic, and no-one had heard of print exchanges. I did a refresher printmaking course a few years back in the UK, but after I discovered Print Australia I found there was so much I didn't know, and it was so much easier to find the answers now I had access to so many experts on different techniques. I liken it to the Open University of Printmaking - without having to write essays. Julia "

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