10 March, 2008

Nature Print Exchange 2004

Nature 2004

Curator: Josephine Severn

Theme: The theme for this exchange is Nature with a special emphasis on its fragility and endangerment. Anything to do with the natural world is included,
whether flora, fauna or the environment, it may be political scientific or observational.

Media: Contemporary print practice with emphasis on new technologies or the combination of digital and traditional methodologies is encouraged. The prints must be editioned.

Dimensions: The paper must be either 11 x 15 inches, or 28 by 38cms.

Edition Size: Minimum edition size of 25. You will submit one for each participant plus one for the Print Australia Archive and one for an exhibition set. Final number of participants to be advised by 1st May 2004.

Terms & Conditions: To be advised seperately.
Due Dates: 1st June 2004
Co-ordinator: Yvonne Dorricot

Final Participants

Judy Barrass (Aus)
Deborah Cornell (
Theresa Darmody (Aus)
Yvonne Dorricott (Aus)
Tanya Gold (Aus)
Audry Hill (USA)
Emma Jane Hogbin
John Ingleton (Aus)
George A. Jarvis (Jap)
Sharen Linder
Barbara Patera
Aine Scannell
(UK )
Julie Sparks (USA)
Frank Trueba (

Images on Lyrebyrd (members only)

Info page on Print Australia


ainesse said...

I have been meaning to ask this for a long time. Is there a particular reason why these prints are not viewable to the public?

Aine Scannell participant in "Nature" print exchange 2004

blakkbyrd said...

Hi Aine

The reason they are not viewable to the public is that they are currently only published on the Lyrebyrd site, which is for members only.

It is on my intention to publish the images on the Print Australia site when I have completed my current projects. Sometime later this year when I have more time.


ainesse said...


thank you for your reply to my enquirey.....I appreciate that like everyone else there is always so much to do and that you will put them somewhere that they are publicly viewable once you have the time.

Thanks as always for all your hard work.

best wishes