15 March, 2008

Lyrebyrd Miniature Print Exchange #3 - SSNW04

Lyrebyrd Miniature Print Exchange #3 - SSNW04
Print Australia
Curator: J Severn

NEW: This exchange is now published on the NEW Print Australia website. You can see a slideshow of the prints here.

"Just so you know what we are talking about here, print australia runs an annual miniature print exchange which is just concluding. The idea behind the exchange is that it is an informal exchange of prints and an opportunity to experiment and share your techniques. An archival set of the prints is collected and donated to the print collection at Wagga Wagga gallery.

To make it more interesting, we avoided sending the prints through one coordinator, instead each person mails out the prints directly to the others, much as you would send out xmas cards. We set the timing for the solstice, partly to make it a holiday event and partly because it was my intention to make it a twice yearly event if it was successful. I'd be happy to introduce the June solstice exchange if we had demand. Just let me know....

The theme is open, though many people take 'solstice' as their subject, and the media is open.

congratulations to all the participants, an excellent body of work
and a good time was had by all!

J Severn, Curator "



You are hereby invited to join in the Southern Summer Northern Winter solstice mini-print exchange for 2004. Last year's entries were WONDERFUL!!! For 2003, we had 35 participants.


THEME: absolutely anything you like
TECHNIQUE: any editionable printmaking technique
SIZE: maximum size of image is 4 x 6 inches ... 10 x 15 cm
DEADLINE FOR SIGN-UP: November 30, 2004

A list of snail mail addresses will be compiled by the coordinator. Very soon after, each participant will receive by email a list of other participants and their snail mail addresses. It is the responsibility of each participant to send a print to each of the other participants on the list as soon as convenient. Prints should be sent in individual envelopes, rather than as postcards, to protect the image from damage.

List of Participants

Judy Barrass
Anthea Boesenberg
Carole Carroll
Leanne Cole
Georgia Coutts
Theresa Darmody
Andy English
Georga Garside
Brent Haddock
Sarah Hauser
George Jarvis
Rosanna Jurisevic
Jo Kambourian
Sharen Linder
Wendy McGrath
John Owens
Jenny Papa
Barbara Patera
Patricia Prociv
Bernd Reichet
Mellisa Read-Devine
Sue Salsbury
J Severn
Lisa Sisley-Blinn
Julie Sparks
Ad Stijnman
Sylivia Taylor
Jan Telfer
Frank Trueba
Julia Wakefield
Lynette Weir
Sandra Williams
Mellisa Wright

Images on Lyrebyrd (members only)


my very first exchange! I so enjoy being a part of this group, and even though I don't say a lot you are all wonderful teachers and I am listening carefully! ... I am honoured to be recieving wonderful prints in exchange and its like presents (presence!) in the mailbox everytime ... Thankyou everyone involved...I'm looking forward to the next! Joanna

Thanks to everyone who has sent prints so far, they're wonderful. Cheers Theresa

Thanks to everyone who participated in the exchange... you've made it a treat to check the mail these past few months. Julie C. Sparks

Thank you to all who have sent their prints, it has been a real joy to find such wonderful work in my letterbox over the past number of months. Will sure miss them when they stop coming. .... SSNW04 was a wonderful experience. The excitement at finding an artwork in my letterbox from another printmaker has encouraged me to sign up for the Non Toxic Experimental Exchange. ...I do avidly read the Print Australia posts. I find the information offered invaluable and interesting, enhancing my understanding of printmaking processes. Rosanna

I want to thank you all for the lovely prints that have found their way to me. Sylvia

I joined the group to gain a sense of connectedness to whats happening in the wide world of printmaking and to motivate me to print and learn as much as I can.... which is where the exchanges come in... the BEST way to develop editioning skills...I was in the SSNW04 exchange and It was a fantastic experience... I treasure the prints I have received from everyone - everyones passion for everything print and art related and the willingness to share all those wonderful sites of info has been invaluable...thanks! Jo

Print Australia HAS changed my life! Instead of being driven to blissful distraction by images I could paint or sculpt, I now give 70% of that 'air'time to Printmaking. I'm supposed to be working here at my desk in the family business and instead I want to tell you of my plans for more woodengravings! more woodcuts! my dream of owning a press! .... Mellissa

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