10 March, 2008

Manga Mania - Frankfurt

Comic-Kultur in Japan 1800 – 2008
/ MANGA MANIA: Comic Culture in Japan, 1800 – 2008
February 27 – May 25, 2008

Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt
Schaumainkai 17, D-60594 Frankfurt am Main

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine international daily life without Japanese comic strips (Manga) and animation films (Anime). By 2002, Manga made up more than 40 percent of all Japanese printed materials and today it is the leading comic strip market not just in Asia, but also in the USA and Europe, with a market share of approximately 80 percent.

The Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt will provide both a comprehensive historical overview of Manga’s early forms in 19th century painting and woodcuts, as well as a panorama of ground-breaking Manga during the 20th and 21st centuries. The less-informed visitor will also be able to gain insights into the highly imaginative world of Japanese comic strips through an interactive reading room with present-day Manga. Diverse, exemplary works of contemporary Japanese art that integrate Manga imagery will also be presented, including contributions by Nara Yoshitomo, Aida Makoto and Shiriagari Kotobuki.

MANGA, a specifically Japanese form of comic strip, is undoubtedly the most influential cultural phenomenon in Japan today. Nearly 40percent of all the country’s printed materials in 2002 were Manga. The total circulation of all Japanese comic strips is estimated at over one hundred million copies per month. In 1993, when the Manga boom reached its climax, 1.59 billion Manga comic books were sold in Japan. The slight fall in sales figures in subsequent years can certainly be attributed to the fact that since then the printed comic books have had to share the consumer’s attention with ANIME – cartoons that are usually computer-generated today, which have been enjoying increasing popularity.

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