11 March, 2008

Lyrebyrd - How to join

The Aviary comprises three parts, Bellebyrd, Blakkbyrd and Lyrebyrd.

Lyrebyrd is the Yahoo Group associated with Print Australia and was established in January 2000 for the administration of Print Australia's print exchange and exhibitions.

No longer limited to printmaking, the lyrebyrd list is currently a forum for discussion of all contemporary art forms and the administration of Lyrebyrd art projects. Members post exhibition announcements and calls for participation.

Membership is by application, all members are screened as an anti-spam precaution. The list archives are restricted access for members only.

There are two ways of applying, by email or online. Yahoo advises that the email subscription service is currently not working, so the online method is preferred. If you have recently applied to join via email we did not receive your application.


Go to the site homepage

and click on "join this group" then follow instructions.

You will need to join yahoo before you can join the forum.

You are also required to provide some identification and URLs to the moderators.

"It is a condition of membership that you identify yourself to the list moderators. This is primarily for the protection of members and to prevent spam distributors from abusing the list. The information you provide will not be distributed or used for any other purpose than identification of members to the list's administrators."


the original Lyrebyrd information page on Print Australia is here

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