31 December, 2006

Print Blog history

Blogs originated from the use of annotated comments in program code, a practice I learned when I wrote my first code in 1979.

Print Australia's first blog started in 1999 and ran until 2004. It was called Impressions and it recorded the group's activities, with special reference to the print exchanges.

1999 - 2001 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/imp/IMP2/imp2.htm

2002 - 2003 http://www.acay.com.au/~severn/imp/imp.htm

The internet phenomena of 'blogging' was first mentioned on Print Australia on 12th June 2002 in regard to a discussion on Empyre list. Blogs were discussed intermittantly on the list in the period leading up to the announcement of Print Australia's blog.


Wed Jun 12, 2002

The Empyre list currently has an interesting discussion on

To: empyre@...
Subject: [-empyre-] weblogs
Reply-To: empyre@...

>can you send a quick intro to what exactly a blog is?

What the hell is a weblog?

weblogs: a history and perspective

An Incomplete Annotated History of Weblogs



example: member query Sept 2003

>what is blog? does anyone here know?

[a] blog (short for Weblog) is a log that someone maintains on the
Web. They take various forms stretchingn from family diaries to
special interest based blogs that offer opinions and links to simialr
material elswher on the Web.
An example blog : http://www.onlisareinsradar.com/


The impressions webpage is a blog,

there was a discussion on the empyre mailing list on blogging last year

what is a blog


Print Australia Blog went live on 6th June 2005 and was announced to the mailing list the following day.

06 June, 2005

Print Australia origins
Print Australia was founded in 1999 by Australian artist Josephine Severn.


Tue Jun 7, 2005 11:24 am

Blogging and The future of PA

I've observed that the net has changed again over the last year or so. A lot of good sites and discussion lists have gone.

The search engines are
much more commercially driven such that the 'pay for a listing' sites are
at the fore and the non-profit and academic sites are sliding further and further down the listings and are thus harder to find.

When I started the
Print Australia printmaking portal it was because few such sites existed in 1999. There are hundreds now, but PA is still the primary source for australian print listings, and for that reason will continue to have an aussie emphasis.

Discussion lists have come and gone. I've observed that the majority of the lists could best be described as 'air head chatter' unless the site is well moderated or the discussion directed.

It is important to the health of the organisation that we not only continue to keep up, but that we direct our efforts into those areas that they are most beneficial. Accordingly, I hope to steer PA into some new

We are strong in technical discussion. We have an emphasis here on embracing less toxic methods and the list leads in this area of discussion n the web. The majority of list members, as far as I can see, are graduates, and that is the target audience PA aims at. An informed and academic level of discussion of printmaking theory is aspired to.

The rise of the blog as a net phenomena has had an impact on internet culture. So we now have a Print Australia Blog on Blogger.


You will note the the blog allows for multiple authors and for responses to be posted as comments to the posts. Dont know what a blog is? Here's a 2002 article

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