07 December, 2006



Irrkerlantye Etchings Exhibition

A series of delicate etchings from Irrkerlantye Arts which were produced by senior Irrkerlantye artists, their children and grandchildren for the 2006 Big Ones Little Ones exhibition in Sydney.

Irrkerlantye Arts is part of the Irrkerlantye Learning Centre, a unique intergenerational centre that provides programs for Arrernte family members of all ages to study and work together.

Under a broad theme of “Connecting Communities” the Big Ones Little Ones etchings give a unique and intimate vision of outstation life, of family, of friendship and of the old station days of the past.

From the Big Ones Little Ones exhibition, three of the children’s works were selected for exhibition at New South Wales Parliament House.

The Lane is receiving no commission.
Until 24 December @ The Lane, Todd Mall, Alice Springs


Three years ago, an Indigenous art curator, Trish Amichi, offered to let a couple of school kids from Armidale take part in one of her exhibitions in Sydney. Their paintings prompted such an overwhelming public response, she thought there might be much wider untapped talent. So, she created an annual exhibition to give young Indigenous artists from Australia and overseas a chance to see their work alongside that of the adults. It's called 'Big Ones Little Ones.'

Big Ones Little Ones showcases paintings by Indigenous artist as young as six from schools in urban, rural and remote communities in Australia, including Torres Strait and Palm Island, as well as East Timor, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and New Zealand.


Boomalli Aboriginal Artists’ Co-op Gallery


Art space at Irrkerlantye

When students from the Irrkerlantye Learning Centre in Alice Springs decided to join the Great Victorian Bike Ride in Nov 2003 a new business was born for their mothers and grandmothers. As part of the fundraising efforts for the students’ airfares, the women working in the Irrkerlantye Art Centre decided to dot paint bike helmets.

Anyone interested in owning one of these helmets can send their helmet to Irrkerlantye Arts
PO Box 8347
Alice Springs NT 0871

and it will be returned in the same packaging completely transformed into a unique yet functional work of art. The cost is $100 plus postage.

For further information contact the Art Co-ordinator Karina Menkhorst by fax (08) 8952 7794 or email gallery@irrkerlantyearts.com

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