15 December, 2006

Mega Video screen at Rembrandtplein

Thursday 5PM: Micha Klein opens the Mega Video screen at Rembrandtplein Amsterdam

This Thursday (14 December) at 5pm sharp, Micha Klein will open Europe's largest urban video screen with a live VJ set. Mediamatic is doing the cultural programming of the screen in cooperation with more than 20 cultural institutions and many individual makers.

We'll celebrate with hot cocoa, rum and bubbly on the side walk opposite to the Escape discotheque. That's where the 114 m2 screen is installed. We'll show a selection of the programming and enjoy Micha's performance a bit more till, at 6pm, the regular cultural programming starts.

More info at http://www.mediamatic.net/rembrandt

Special guest at opening of Rembrandt Screen: Reza Abedini

Reza Abedini from Teheran is a guest of Amsterdam this week to collect this year's principal Prince Claus award and for the opening of his exhibition at Platform. He will say a few words at the opening of the screen this afternoon at 17:00.

The opening reel will start with an excerpt from his animation movie "In the Beginning" that is part of the show in Platform 21.

Just wasnt expecting t
o see little Johnny up there.....

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