11 December, 2006

Grace Crowley - canberra

Grace Crowley
being modern
23 December 2006 – 6 May 2007

In April 1926, soon after their arrival in France on their first trip overseas, Grace Crowley and her close friend Anne Dangar made a pilgrimage to Cézanne’s studio at Aix-en-Provence. Cézanne and the pursuit of modern art was the reason for Dangar’s going to France, and Crowley had followed her friend, intending to study at one of the more conservative art schools. The next four years in Paris were to change Crowley’s opinion of modern art. In 1930 she returned to Australia as a champion of modernism, establishing her own art school in Sydney and subsequently becoming one of the first Australian artists to paint purely abstract works.

Grace Crowley: being modern includes works that have never before been exhibited and reveals the full extent of Crowley’s contribution to Australian art.



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