04 December, 2005

Barry Kite

Arrangement in Gray and Black Passed Out in her own Vomit.
A Whistler's Mother/Vomit/Absinthe parody.

Clumsy Nude: That's Renoir up on the landing. Apologies to Duchamp

After receiving his B.F.A. in film from UCLA, Chicago-born Barry Kite spent the next five years traveling overseas. Returning to the San Francisco Bay area, he wrote and performed his own style of surreal poetry in local coffee houses. Renewing his interest in collage, he combined photographic and hand-coloring techniques to create the foundation of his current work.

Damn! Deer hunting on Monet's Thames.

elf preservation

Hazards Incumbent in the Adaptation of Traditional Myth to a Redefined Urban Ecosystem

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