01 December, 2005

Melinda Pap


Melinda Pap
Melinda Pap, Canada

Me, Myself and I [Art Books, Prints and Objects]
from 1 December 2005 (thu) until 8 January 2006 (sun)

This exhibition is a reflection on Canadian society about the day to day life and the human relations in general. The intention of the artist is to translate social, psychological and philosophical views trough the art language of the texture by printmaking works, handmade books and objects. Melinda Pap is working in research of the texture of the art work since 7 years starting first by painting and going further to printmaking she is mixing different medium discovering new ways of sending her artistic messages. Melinda started to experiment by printmaking using photo copy with linocut, later on combining dry point, linocut and lithograph with the possibilities of the new technologies.
One of the biggest cycles of the artist IDENTITE started in 2003 with the creation of a little image of a person which has been transformed about 560 times in different persons in prints, books and objects (some of them sculptures).

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