07 December, 2005

contemporary art - finland

Framework: The Finnish Art Review – a bi-annual magazine.

Framework: The Finnish Art Review is dedicated to contemporary art and culture, and is published by FRAME, The Finnish Fund for Art Exchange www.frame-fund.fi It is a an enhanced and expanded continuation of FRAMEnews, published in the years 2000-2003.

The launch of Framework as a new bi-annual magazine is made possible through the generous support of the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Finnish Ministry of Culture.

Framework is a discursive forum that opens a space for a variety of visual material, as well as extensive articles, analyses and international commentaries. One of its major tasks is to assist in establishing Finnish contemporary art on the international scene - to connect the local to the international. It is primarily concerned with visual arts and culture, but will also deal with other art forms and cultural criticism at large. Framework emphasises and supports cross-disciplinary aspects of art that transcend conventional boundaries.

Although the cultural roots of Framework remain in Finland, the project is designed to broaden geographical and cultural horizons, especially to the other Nordic countries, the Baltic States and Russia. This is a vast region, set to undergo profound cultural, societal and political changes in the coming years. From this perspective, the magazine adds an interesting and original northern voice to the international discourse. FRAME’s international network of collaborators and visitors provides the magazine with contributors and visiting special editors; and with the help of its collaborators and friends the review can build up a kind of “critical frame” offering an open space for different viewpoints to meet and engage in multilogue.

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