08 December, 2005

more art theft

"many of your images dropped from the pirate Arch-World site. In a while everything was gone and we seemed to have cause to celebrate. However, after twelve hours the website reappeared with replicas of your paintings for sale as before."


"It turned out to be a big site that 'represented' more than 2800 artists, living and dead. These folks have been simply 'lifting' images from dealer and public gallery websites, and other on-line pages. While the quality must be fairly poor, they are offering them as giclees or photocopies in several sizes"

the background story

In 1886, French author Victor Hugo helped initiate the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. Prior to that, entrepreneurs in countries like England and France freely used each other's authors and artists without compensation or recourse. The Convention now requires its signatories to protect the copyright on works from other signatory countries in the same way it protects the copyright of its own nationals.

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