23 June, 2005

Ricky Swallow - Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale 2005

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Ricky Swallow is a sculptor of power, beauty and confidence. His exhibition of six new and recent sculptures--This Time Another Year--will open on Thursday 9 June in the Australian Pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennale.

About 30,000 prominent international curators, collectors, gallery directors, artists and media from around the world are expected to visit the Australian Pavilion during the three days of the Vernissage 9-11 June (preview period).

The Pavilion will be officially opened by Cate Blanchett on Thursday 9 June, and on Friday 10 June the prestigious Golden Lions awards will be announced by the Biennale authorities.

Thirty year-old Swallow is Australia's youngest representative in the 51 years that Australia has shown at the Venice Biennale. Australian Commissioner John Kaldor said: 'The buzz around Ricky's exhibition is already growing with previews in major international arts magazines. The works look sublime, working well both conceptually and physically in the space. The Biennale is a unique opportunity to showcase Ricky's sculptures and I believe his presence in Venice will be of international significance.'

The passage of time and the life span of things are at the heart of Swallow's work. His meticulously hand-carved sculptures allude to the artist's own experiences, from coastal Melbourne to the suburban blocks of LA to London where he now lives. He draws on the still-life genre, testing its resilience and relevance over time, and to 'recalibrate an old genre to suit my own purposes'.


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