09 June, 2005

Handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio

Maryland Printmakers - Book Review

Handbook of Non-Toxic Intaglio

Acrylic Resists, Photopolymer Film & Solar Plates Etching,
by Henrik Bøegh (2003, Denmark)

"This small, densely written book is a lovely source to complement the work of Keith Howard (The Contemporary Printmaker, Intaglio-Type & Acrylic Resist Etching, reviewed in the March 2004 issue of InPrint as well as Mr. Howard’s earlier book, Non-Toxic Intaglio Printmaking from 1998, which may now be out of print). Mr. Bøegh details some techniques for providing basic and readily available materials as environmentally friendly, water-soluble approaches for duplicating etching techniques. He uses both metal plates and photopolymer film/solar plates as matrices. The book is well developed, with logical and thoughtful presentations of methods, and with excellent illustrations, including many of Mr. Bøegh’s own prints that are used to demonstrate how the techniques succeed. In addition, a web site is referenced for locating Material Safety Data Sheets for each of the materials suggested.

Overall, the book is a helpful addition to a printmaker’s library. It is available from the publisher - specific book and ordering information:www.artbag.dk/ge/uk/Handbook/index.html)

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