27 June, 2005

Book review - Photopolymer Plates

Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates by Dianne Longley

reveals the unique possibilities offered by a new printmaking medium and is designed to be used by artists, art students and art teachers.
Photopolymer printmaking is printing from photosensitive plates that have been exposed in UV light and developed using water. The process is clean, easy and safe. This book describes photopolymer plates and their uses, details the process illustrating each step and also lists support information such as materials and suppliers. Photopolymer printmaking is easy to learn while being remarkably flexible as a medium. The book covers a diverse range of applications for the new technique. Photopolymer prints are illustrated and captions supply information about how the images were produced.


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Julia said...

Compare 'Printmaking in the Sun' by Dan Welden and Pauline Muir: this is a much more comprehensive, lavishly illustrated publication.