30 June, 2005

Exhibition - Antwerp

Gillis Mostaert (1528 - 1598)
a contemporary of Bruegel

Exhibition dates
14 May 2005 – 10 July 2005

Museum Mayer van den Bergh
Lange Gasthuisstraat 19

B-2000 Antwerp


From the museum Internet site

Pieter Bruegel old are considered as of the masters of art, and Antwerp as the most important metropolis in the history of the The Netherlands in the 16de centuries reformatie and Contrareformatie, Spanish predominance and independence fight had a remarkable historical concentration in the citycity city.

In spite of and correctly because of the war, picture storm and political rotations there arts thrived and were the masters and their work shops there ongemeen productive. They developed there a broad spectrum of new schilderkunstige genres and topics, which we as a mirror can consider of the then life circumstances and belief proportions one of them were Gillis Mostaert (1528-1598), a contemporary of Bruegel old, who he some decades survived. With him and with the picture production of its zonen he stepped in competition.

Gillis were considered as a very fertile and creative artist, whose, full living koloriet work and gezocht with elegant character drawing, very products. From the inventories of Antwerp art collections of its time a rich and duration-paid oeuvre comes to for, in which the cabinet painting for private use predominated: markets, village fairs, rural faces, seasons, winter landscapes, krijgs - and, beelden brandtaferelen from living Maria and christus, as well as parabels and allegorieën.

They show to taferelen full characters from the turbulent volksleven of its time, of which the political and moralising intentions comparison and attentive reading can be again discovered it are the first time that monografische a tentoonstelling to the work lives and of Gillis Mostaert is dedicated. It is placed moreover within the framework of the work of contemporaries such as the zonen of Bruegel, Lucas van Valckenborch and Hans van Wechelen.

The work is produced privé-verzamelingen and museums and covers the topics from village fair and bruiloftsfeest to farmer brawl and overval, from oudtestamentische the Sodom and Gomorra to the kruisdraging of christus. To about thirty paintings give a picture of its multi-purpose production and tevens of the new developments in the character, this way typical for its time - and landschapschilderkunst, mostly against politiekhistorische the context of Antwerp. The tentoonstelling was organised by Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in Cologne, where she has found preceding to Antwerp.

Other venue

Köln, Wallraf-Richartz-Museum (15 January-12 April 2005)

from codeart
translated by babelfish

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