28 June, 2005

Exhibition - Rembrandt drawings

Founded two centuries ago, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium hold some twenty thousand paintings, sculptures and drawings. Located in Brussels, they consist of the Ancient Art Museum (XV - XVII century), the Modern Art Museum (XIX ­ XX century), the Wiertz Museum and the Meunier Museum.


Drawings from Rembrandt and his pupils in the collection of Jean de Grez
8 July 2005 – 30 September 2005

In 2006, the character of Rembrandt Harmensz. of rijn (1606-69) will form the subject everywhere in the world of spectacularly set up tentoonstellingen for the commemoration of its vierhonderdjarige birth. As a prelude the royal museums of Belgium present summer already this their little confessed treasure to drawings of this 17de-eeuwse master. Also students most important are such as Gerbrand of pine Eeckhout, Ferdinand convex and Govaert Flinck step for the voetlicht with frequently never bladen earlier shown. It concerns everyday taferelen, biblical historiƫn, landscapes and portraits. Rembrandts drawings maintain themselves beside its paintings and engravings as independent work, and concerning style, topic choice and function they appear renewing extraordinarily several and. Since the expenditure of the argued catalogue of Rembrandts drawings by Otto Benesch in 1954/7 however numerous innovative studies had appeared which adjust the picture of Rembrandt and its surroundings serious. The time seemed ripe also the file of Brussels to a new critical can submit. Which drawings are of Rembrandts hand real? Why did he commission so many students? How in Rembrandts did the work shop go? Why do the student drawings seem this way strong on those of the master? Why were so many biblical shows and landscapes produced? On all these questions attempt the tentoonstelling an answer with the aid of renowned rembrandt experts such as peter formulate Schatborn.

Tentoonstelling = exhibition. Translation by Babelfish.

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