08 June, 2008

Taipei Biennial 2008

13th September 2008 - 4th January 2009


2008 Taipei Biennial is organized by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum
181 ZhongShan north Road Section 3 Taipei 10461 Taiwan


After more than a decade of changes, in 1998 the Taipei Biennial instituted a revolutionary change: in order to adapt to the international 'biennial' trend, and in order to raise Taiwan's contemporary art to international acclaim, the TFAM began to invite internationally-renowned curators to cooperate with local Taiwan curators, marking the first time that Taiwan had held an international art biennial.

Beginning in the 1990s, countries across Asia began organising contemporary art biennials, named after the cities in which they were held, such as Japan's Yokohama Triennial, and Fukuoka Triennial, China's Shanghai Biennial, and Guangzhou Triennial, Australia's Sidney Biennial, Korea's Kwangju Biennial and Busan Biennial, and the Singapore Biennial. International Biennials and Triennials have become one of the most important cultural references in the cities in which they are held, and a crucial strategy for entering the international contemporary art stage.


The 6th Taipei Biennial, like our lives, is uncertain, fragmented and fragile. The project does not have a single theme, but a constellation of correlated themes, most of which address the chaotic states of things in this time of globalization. The exhibition engages with the city of Taipei in various ways. It does not only take place in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, but also exists in a range of urban spaces. There will be performative works and interventions in the city, some of which will be documented and reconfigured in the exhibition venues. ...

Hence, the exhibition focuses on issues such as globalization and its resistances, the neo‐liberal habitat, mobility, borders, divided states and micro‐nations, urban transformations, informal economies, politics, and conditions of war.



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